STUDIO 299 | স্টুডিও ২৯৯

As a design firm, we are obligated to add luxury in the client’s lifestyle- not a luxury of objects, but a luxury of space. An apt opportunity to do that presented itself in the form of this tiny space in the top floor of a building overlooking a community park.

Given the size of the space, before we could design or build anything at all- we had to take a look at the user’ lifestyle- how they live, what they eat, what they need, what they store and how much time they spend cleaning the spaces they occupy. Once the things they need to live comfortably were narrowed down, we realized the rest is just clutter. It seemed very possible to live in 37 square meters that housed a family of 2, their belongings and aspiration and dreams and everything else.

Studio 299 may not be much, but it is definitely an interesting study of the evolving Bangladeshi way of life and leads to explore a solution to the urban problem- shortage of space and high cost of living in Dhaka.

  • Project Location:

    Mirpur DOHS

  • Designed Area:

    37 sq.m/ 398 sq.ft

  • By Minus Designs:

    • Interior design with 3d
    • Electrical and mechanical design
    • Plumbing layout and sanitary fixture selection
    • All furniture joinery detail design and execution
    • Lighting design and fixture selection
    • Wall, floor finish and furniture finish selection
    • Overall work supervision