DISPLACEMENT | স্থানান্তরন

How we sit is a reflection of our nature.

Whether we seat ourselves at someone’s arm’s length or shoulder’s is sometimes a preference of personal space, sometimes a social dictation.

Regardless, it seems there should be a margin for customization left to the users. That idea gave birth to this design.

The seats are wooden blocks- perfect cubes of 18 inch by 18 inch by 18 inch- trying to bring a rigid base for a chaos of a canopy. The canopy- a helium filled oversized “balloon” is tied to the base by tensile strings.  The blocks can be moved by users, which in turn distorts the shape of the canopy.

Thus the canopy becomes a living creature, lives and breathes and sits- mirroring our sitting habits

  • Competition:

    Golden Jubilee Design Competition Institute of Architects Bangladesh

  • Award:

    First Prize