HOURGLASS | বালিঘড়ি

Entry for a competition to design souvenirs for the Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair. The brief was to re-design something that has become old and obsolete, using new industrial technology so that the object can gain new users.


  • By Minus Designs:

    Technology has taken over the use of time-keepers, including watches, stop watches, alarm clocks, wall clocks and stunted the design development scope of these items. It is true that time-telling/ time-keeping/ timing is now easily managed by the push of a button in our smart phones, rendering the primitive “hourglass” useless. However, SZIDF brought us back to designing this piece with much nostalgia and hope of re-finding it as a souvenir. Therefore, our proposal for gadget design for the 7th edition of the Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair is an hourglass as a nod to the theme of “Redesign • Reconnect” It uses the process of ‘Injection Molding’, a popular method in industrial production for making the middle piece that is a custom joinery between the top and bottom glass compartments.