THE SENSES OF THE STREET | রাজপথের পঞ্চ ইন্দ্রিয়

A street museum should please the users of the streets. However in a city as busy as Dhaka, having a pleasant experience on the street does not depend on the individuals at all. We maneuver through land-mines such as potholes, air and noise pollution, humidity and hot weather, unnecessary honking, jaywalking, street vendors and motorbikes on the sidewalks and countless other inconveniences on a daily basis. In an attempt to contribute through this project, we isolated 2 problems – sound pollution and heavy vehicles on the sidewalk.

The cityscape is now grey with flyovers, MRTs and BRTs. We are proposing to use the underlying surface of these entities with large screens that show videos that are both informative and soothing for the passers-by and people who are waiting in their cars in traffic. When disturbance occur in the form of increased sound levels or motorbikes on footpath, the screen reacts- it changes to a feed of a baby crying- urging others on the street to right the wrongs- to change back to the nice videos. This gives power to the users to control the environment they occupy in a perpetual cycle of right and wrong.

  • Competition:

    Street Museum- Archtwist

  • Award:

    Honorable Mention